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8 Things About Amy

Posted by Amy Wilson on January 21, 2008

Meg has blog tagged me … She was tagged by Jake.  So, here goes, 8 things you may not know about me: 

1) I watched the Buffalo Bills lose to the NY Giants (Superbowl #1) during a blizzard in Buffalo.  2 years later, I did a statistical analysis proving why the Bills should have played Frank Reich instead of Jim Kelly for my Statistics 201 class.

2) As a lonely only child, I grew up drawing houses, floorplans, and towns for hours every day.  Like George Costanza, I wanted to be an architect.

3) Due to poor artistic talent and high math competency, I entered college as an engineering major.  After a detour to psychology and women’s studies, I graduated in economics.  I still like going to open homes and hearing about psychological studies.  I still do not like differential equations.

4) My great-grandparents were homesteaders in Montana.  Much of my family still lives there today.

5) My husband, Paul, is a stay-at-home Dad.  Paul has also developed into a fantastic cook.  It is a marvelous arrangement and I would recommend it to everyone. 

6) I was the first girl on the golf team in high school.  My father got me clubs when I was seven and I took lessons/participated in leagues periodically.  I was not a “competitive player,” but my dad was able to play with the team at various country clubs around Buffalo. 

7) Despite taking years of piano lessons, participating in band, and singing in many choirs as a kid, I have a serious musical disability: I am unable to hum or recognize any popular song.  My husband’s favorite party trick is to try to get me to hum the Rocky theme. 

8) I do many things fast, but writing & blogging is not one of them!

I’m not sure how this blog tagging thing actually works, but here goes … I’m tagging Jonathan Vinoskey and Martin Millmore

2 Responses to “8 Things About Amy”

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  2. […] ask the right questions, you really should rely on a statistical analysis (similar to my homage to Frank Reich). Until I dust off my Stats 201 hat or Gallup takes me up on my offer, here are a couple questions […]

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