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8 Things

Posted by Mark Bennett on January 22, 2008

I’ve been tagged by Meg, so here are 8 things about me:

1. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful wife and a terrific daughter, both of whom I am very proud of for the quality of their character and for their accomplishments.

2. I was heavily into science when I was growing up. I had microscopes, telescopes, electricity experiment kits, crystal radio kits, steam engines, chemistry sets, etc. I was also big into Lego and building model airplanes. Imagine a ceiling with about a dozen or so airplanes hanging from it and a floor with buildings, cars, machines, etc. I thought I would study chemical engineering in college (credit an excellent high school advanced placement chemistry professor), but switched to computers and business instead.

3. I had a paper route when I was 12 (delivering papers at 4:30 AM). I stocked shelves for a grocery store chain (at 3:00 AM) through high school and college. My first job out of college was writing application modules and a self-service terminal for a hotel management system (at more normal hours).

4. Although I grew up in San Diego, I spent my summers in San Francisco, helping my dad in his downtown auto repair shop near Market Street. I learned to drive manual transmissions and motorcycles on the hills of the city. Quite a blast.

5. I played baseball growing up, and then tennis, soccer, and golf. I broke my leg playing soccer, which apparently is not an uncommon occurrence. The doctor who saw my x-rays immediately guessed, “Were you playing soccer?” saying the fracture had all the indications of originating from a soccer mishap (a v-shaped fracture coming out from the point of impact on the tibia.)

6. We’ve traveled a lot. We enjoyed every place we visited, but Paris, Venice,  and all of New Zealand hold a special place in our hearts.

7. I like to listen to music, especially classical and world music. I love to read, a lot. I spend most of my time trying to find quality business reading, but I also squeeze in both history as well as historical fiction (and yes, sometimes that line is blurred, but that’s how history is.)

8. I like to spend time sharing and discussing ideas with friends, family, and acquaintances.

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2 Responses to “8 Things”

  1. Meg Bear said

    can’t imagine sending any kid out on a bike at 4:30am to deliver papers. Maybe that is why all the papers I have delivered today are by adults in pick-up trucks. Guess times really have changed.

  2. Row Henson said

    I am delighted that you have joined the Strategy team. You are a fabulous addition and know that this will just be one more feather is a brilliant hat!

    Look forward to working with you even more in the future.


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