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$30 Gift Certificate to Olive Garden

Posted by Amy Wilson on March 10, 2008

olive-garden.jpgSome people like parties.  Others like stock options.  Still others are good with a plaque or trophy.  My mom?  She likes the Olive Garden.

My mom, like many of her cohorts, is retiring this Spring.  This is good for my mom and good for me (because my parents are moving closer upon retirement), but it isn’t good for the New York state public school system. 

My mom has been teaching chemistry and math for 20+ years, revising her lesson plans each year to optimize their effectiveness in getting through to kids.  And what is happening to all of this amazing knowledge come June?  It’s getting tossed.

My mom is ahead of her time when it comes to computer programs; she is also very organized.  (that’s right, we are nothing alike)  So, I asked her what it would take for her to create a knowledge database to transfer this information to younger teachers. 

“Oh, I’d never do that,” she said.  “What a waste of time!  I just want to retire.” 

“OK,” I said, “what if you received a $30 gift certificate to Olive Garden?”

“Hmm … yeah, I’d do it then.”

It’s just not that hard.  Retain the knowledge, incent by individual, ask questions. 

3 Responses to “$30 Gift Certificate to Olive Garden”

  1. I tried to get people to people to write articles on my blog with persuasion, promises of fame, explanation of how it will help our customers and all kinds. What worked in the end was a you must do it and I’ll buy you a lunch if you do – sort of a carrot, but it feels more like a stick. I’m not sure $30 dollars an article is within my budget.

  2. Amy Wilson said

    Maybe a $5 gift certificate to the new starbucks?

  3. Meg Bear said

    I somehow keep thinking of the episode of Will and Grace where they were so unimpressed with their friends who wanted to eat at the Olive Garden. Go Mom! I’m in for $5.00 for your gift certificate for sure.

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