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Top Chef Potential

Posted by Amy Wilson on April 3, 2008

chef.jpg This Tuesday marked the 12th anniversary of getting fooled by my husband.  Since we consider it a sort of anniversary, Paul surprised me with a gourmet dinner of Filet Mignon, Lobster, asparagus and home-made twice baked potatoes.  No fooling!  Hmm, yummy. 

Since I’ve been thinking a lot about potential lately, it got me remembering old chef Paul.  When we first met, I would never have picked him as a future chef.  Sure, he cooked a lot.  He made ramen noodles, he burnt chicken stir fry, he made these really weird tacos.  But 95% of it was terrible!  In fact, at one point I declared that we would only eat cereal for dinner. 

Then something interesting happened.  Paul’s aspirations joined together with opportunity (stay-at-home dad), tools (good pots and pans, gadgets, and cooking shows), and constructive feedback (me!) and he’s really fabulous!  Now those weird tacos have transformed into a unique delicacy that could be served at the finest mexican-asian fusion restaurant.  His signature dishes blend hearty favorites with innovative ingredients. 

I never thought I’d say it, but the kid’s got potential!  

5 Responses to “Top Chef Potential”

  1. nancy schwartz aka:mom said

    greetings amy (and paul)!!!
    nice blog!!! if i remember correctly the first thing Scott said about paul was that he had potential!!!although i believe it was in regards to golf—-
    way to go chef!!!and malcolm really likes his mac n’ cheese from the box!!!!

  2. Jean Wilson (Paul's mother-in-law) said

    I have to agree with Amy. I have always been a decent cook; but Paul is now my role model. I made some Moroccan chicken this week — my husband said,”Yummy, this tastes like something Paul would make!”

  3. Kathi Chenoweth said

    Oh dear, don’t let my husband read this! He’s the chef and always has been. I want it to stay that way. I hate cooking.

    I rely on the well-known fact that I have NO POTENTIAL to learn how to cook. As my stepson says “you don’t know how to work the kitchen, do you”? This was as I tried to heat up some frozen pizza rolls and couldn’t figure out how to turn on the oven (six months after we moved to our house).

    I don’t want anyone in my family getting the notion that I have the ability to learn to cook….

    And I still am waiting to hear the April Fools’ story. 😉

  4. Meg Bear said

    I’ve had the opportunity to benefit from Paul’s work and I have to agree. I also have no potential in the kitchen and have managed to find Nanny’s who are chefs. Good cooks rule!

  5. […] the details, but April 1, 1996 (when Kentucky beat Syracuse in the NCAA championship game) is our non-wedding anniversary. And, for the last 13 years I have lived in fear of what his next April Fool’s plan could be […]

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