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Is your workplace a better place with you in it?

Posted by Meg Bear on April 15, 2008

 Special thanks to Ken for getting me to read The Fred Factor which reminds us that each and every day we make an impact, the real question is what kind of impact do we make? 

This reminded me of something a good friend said once, I will attempt to paraphrase the story.

I was working for a company that was falling upon hard times.  The rule, not the exception really with Valley startups (although we always seem to forget that when we hear of the big winners but I digress).  I had the luxury of working with a great team at this company and we were all very sad to know that it had to end.  One of the team members asked the other if he was concerned that he might not have another team as fun to work for in his next job.  His answer was simple and profound to me, he said “no, I’m planning to bring it with me”.

Wow.  Powerful and humbling thing to think about.  So I ask you, is your workplace better for having you there? 

If not, why not?

3 Responses to “Is your workplace a better place with you in it?”

  1. Brilliant. Thanks for passing along.

    For me personally, I’d say the office likes my brain but could use less of my mouth. Ha.

    The word “better” is where the rubber meets the road. Better can be (and should be defined) differently from firm to firm or situation to situation or team to team, etc.

    J. William Tincup
    Starr Tincup
    starrtincup.com || jpie.com

  2. Meg Bear said

    @J oh indeed do I understand the “less mouth” plague. In fact, I can extend my foot-in-mouth gift to email as well. Agree that “better” is intentionally subjective but it does argue that it should not be worse. Thanks for the read and letting us know of your blog. Good stuff!

  3. […] I wont be able to help you achieve your best career outcome, when you are in such a state, as you are not your best self. […]

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