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50th Post Milestone Reached – Author Wins Olive Garden Gift Certificate

Posted by Mark Bennett on April 19, 2008

We’ve just had our 50th post, by Kathi, our resident Social Connections Product Manager (of course). She can pick up her gift certificate the next time she’s out here. Since our start last November, we’ve built our team of bloggers to six, we’ve had many comments, we’ve developed a great presence for Oracle HCM in the blogosphere, and we’ve made many connections as a result of this blog.

So, what do the numbers tell us? Which of the posts have been most popular, or at least (in this day of RSS readers), had the most pagegviews? Here are the top five (as of today):

  1. Starbucks: Growth, Trust, and Risk
  2. If you love someone set them free
  3. About
  4. Ode to Fusion Middleware
  5. Encourage Job Hopping

Clearly this shows folks aren’t paying any attention and they think we know a lot about Starbucks as it relates to their investment strategy ;-). In addition, it appears we’ve been taken for an advice column on relationships. After finding out neither was the case, people are then reading who we are and what we do, and that appears to have naturally resulted in curiosity about our Fusion Middleware Platform. Finally, it all makes sense when people read that this seemingly eclectic blog is due to our support of a rich, diverse set of experiences.

Thank you to our readers for giving us your time and attention. We will continue to strive to be interesting, entertaining, and informative.

The TalentedApps Crew

One Response to “50th Post Milestone Reached – Author Wins Olive Garden Gift Certificate”

  1. Atul said

    Congrats guys . Good effort


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