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TalentedApps in five words

Posted by Meg Bear on May 2, 2008

I was inspired by this idea  (have seen several Twitter versions as well) that maybe using tag clouds can give us some insight.  Maybe not, you be the judge. 

I decided to use a 5 word limit so as to not suggest we think we compare with the likes of Scoble or anything.  Special thanks to tagcrowd for making this easy.


  • Talent
  • Measurements
  • Investment
  • Value
  • Decision  



  • Managers
  • People
  • Learning
  • Goals
  • Team


  • Organizations
  • Engagement
  • Mindset
  • Potential
  • Tools



  • Candidate
  • Social
  • Tip
  • Recruiter
  • Software


  • Management
  • Applications
  • Employee
  • Job
  • Potential


  • Employee
  • Management
  • Development
  • Turnover
  • Factors

3 Responses to “TalentedApps in five words”

  1. Mark Bennett said

    Wow, I think it’s pretty spot-on at least with myself, you and Amy. What’s also cool is that there is little overlap but the concepts complement each other, making us a nice, diverse team!

  2. Kathi Chenoweth said

    Not sure about my list. I think seeing “OK” in the tag cloud highlights the fact I start too many sentences with “OK” and that can’t be good.

    I don’t think ‘Candidate’ is top of my mind. However, it does bring to mind my (unsuccessful) campaign last year of trying to obliterate the word ‘Applicant’ in favor of ‘Candidate’. I guess I just needed to write more blog entries using the word to show ‘proof’ that ‘Candidate’ is the more preferred term.

  3. Meg Bear said

    @Kathi I do think that the more posts you have the more accurate this kind of thing will be.
    @Mark I agree 100%, great balance and coverage across our areas of interest.

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