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Fostering Accountability: intimidation vs. encouragement

Posted by Louise Barnfield on August 11, 2008


I recently read an excellent article by Paul Glen in Aug 4’s ComputerWorld: Fostering Accountability.

He points out that you can’t impose accountability on your employees. Forget about threats and intimidation; that style won’t work. Instead: “…try to create an environment that encourages them to make that choice” through, among other things, communication, recognition and reward.

I particularly agree with his suggestions of structuring work “to give people control over their own success“, and “… in such a way that people owe things to one another rather [than] to the supervisor.”

Check it out! As is common with the most useful articles or advice, he takes time to spell out the wrong way as well as the right way.

One Response to “Fostering Accountability: intimidation vs. encouragement”

  1. Gregg Zban said

    Good article. I struggle with this quite often. Specially in an environment that is changing very rapidly. Accountability must be framed up a viable choice, not because the lack of will cause you displeasure. Very interesting topic.

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