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A Major Award

Posted by Meg Bear on August 20, 2008

 We just heard that we at TalentedApps have received a Major Award.  Wow!  We are speechless.  Ok, well not really an award, it’s a “shout out” but as explained by our friends as Fistful of Talent that’s pretty cool.

Blogs not in Top 25 but receiving votes will receive a “shout out” in the “Also Receiving Votes” section of the poll, meaning they are players in the eyes of the FOT pollsters.

 Looking at the list, we are very excited to be included in the conversation.   So head over to FOT and check out their new Talent Management Blog Power Rankings.  You’ll find some great things to add to your reader.

2 Responses to “A Major Award”

  1. Congrats on the shout – great blog glad to have found you…..Scott

  2. Laurie said

    LOL, you guys are awesome and you have my vote!

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