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Bad Risk Analysis: $??? Billion, Bad Management: Priceless

Posted by Mark Bennett on September 18, 2008

"Hello, HR? If people are our most important asset, we could securitize them, right?"


Peter Cappelli has just posted a terrific column on HREOnline that makes for a very interesting read. It echoes a lot of what we’ve said in this blog and others have elsewhere about the negative impact of bad management behavior. It also reminds us that the consequences of poor management of people can reach beyond just the individual, or the team, or even the organization, but can affect the entire global economy. These crises and their roots can seem too big and entrenched, and it’s easy to blame abstractions like “greed,” rage at the incorrigible stereotypes of Wall Street, or even “the rogue trader,” but that doesn’t start the process of addressing the problems. External actions such as rescues, bailouts and regulatory changes might (or might not) serve to keep things from freezing up, but are they long-term, and what stops people from “gaming the system”? So it will also take all of us, including HR, to at least try to effect positive change from within in the way people are managed. This includes across industries, through the sharing of knowledge, experiences, and ideas in how to improve how we manage and motivate people. If we don’t and this happens again, what then?



One Response to “Bad Risk Analysis: $??? Billion, Bad Management: Priceless”

  1. […] follow up on the previous post about Peter Cappelli’s column on the impact of poor management on the current credit crisis. […]

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