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8 things about Ariel

Posted by Ariel Ceballos on October 10, 2008

A “gaucho” by Florencio Molina Campos

Here is my self introduction to TalentedApps and 8 things you may or may not know about me.

  1. First of all, I am a boy.  I know, my name makes you think of a mermaid, but it is a boy’s name where I come from.  It is supposed to be pronounced differently but I’ve given up on that.  I hope that if we’ve met before this is not something you did not know about me.
  2. So where do I come from? One could argue that from the southernmost country on the planet (although I didn’t see snow until I was 17).  A place you definitely want to visit at least once in your life.  The land of San Martin, Gardel, Peron, Borges and Maradona.  Although lately I find more people who can recognize the name of Manu Ginobili more than they can recognize any of these other names.  This place is Argentina.
  3. I wrote a short story when I was 8.  It was about chocolate and madness.  It was huge success among family members.  Unfortunately, it followed the same destiny as the Colossus of Rhodes and the Statue of Zeus at Olympia (although of slightly smaller artistic value).  
  4. I was passionate about insects and spiders as a child.  I used to say I’d be an entomologist when I grew up until I actually met one and realized the life this person lived.  At about 13 years of age I decided I would be better off focusing my energy on my other passion, which would later become my professional career (software).
  5. I migrated to the US in 2002.  This was mostly due to the economic crisis that hit Argentina on December 2001.  I was working then at Peoplesoft Argentina when our VP of development paid us a visit and said our team would be disbanded so we should better start looking for other opportunities.  I received an offer to transfer to Peoplesoft Inc and move to the US.  I had tremendous doubts about moving to another country, especially one on the other side of the planet.  The offer was coming from who would become one of the best managers I’ve had, a frequent blogger on this website who I will always be thankful to.  I finally decided to go with it so I married my lifelong girlfriend, jumped on a plane and started a new life.
  6. Moving to the US was challenging in pretty much every aspect.  From the obvious missing family and friends to having to learn how to do a large number of things again.  The hardest aspect was language (despite years of formal education in the English language).  Communication had always been one of my strongest skills (in Spanish of course) and all of a sudden I was crippled.  And consequently I kept quiet for a long time.  Despite positive reinforcement from my manager, it took me several years to partially overcome my self imposed limitation.  360 feedback helped me enormously.
  7. My life changed again when my first son was born in 2005.  I had heard  many times that children change your life.  Now I think it is more accurate to say that they actually take it away from you.  And still you can’t figure out how you could possibly have lived this long without them.  My second son arrived 16 months later.  Yes, our hands are quite full and my wife and I constantly remind each other about how very lucky we are.
  8. Among other things, I am a carnivore (why can there be vegetarians and vegans but not carnivores?), I use lots of sugar on my coffee (and I probably drink too much of it),  I have a serious spatial orientation disability (which conflicts with the fact that I am a pilot).  I love football (although I had to learn to call it soccer) and I am looking forward to South Africa 2010.  And here it is, a bit more than 8 things about me.

5 Responses to “8 things about Ariel”

  1. Interesting stuff I feel sorry for you having to call football soccer!, we run a 360 feedback service over at reactive360.com so if you ever need another they are free there.

    Good Luck!


  2. Meg Bear said

    Hey Ariel, thanks for making my week with joining TalentedApps. I’m hoping you are planning to post your story at some point, sounds like a great one.

  3. J said

    Great story. Although from the quality of your writing now, its impossible to make out that you had trouble with English once!

  4. Amy Wilson said

    @J Ariel never had trouble with English! He is too modest.

    Ariel, please do translate the chocolate and madness story – two personally addictive items.

    Also, I promise never to guilt you into the salad bar again … Mr. Carnivore.

  5. Vivian Wong said

    Great post Ariel – very entertaining and Amy is right – you are too modest!

    @ Amy – Ariel’s birthday is coming up in a few months… we need to find a bakery that would bake a chocolate cake and make it look like a leg of lamb 😉

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