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Posted by Justin Field on October 14, 2008

TalentedApps is joining Blog Action Day 08, to blog with other leading blogs about poverty.

We support initiatives to end poverty around the world.  There’s so much that can be done, and it doesn’t have to grand, or hard, or take millions of dollars (we don’t command the resources of Bill Gates or Warren Buffett after all).

How about financing a micro-loan with kiva.org and making your own contribution to fixing the credit crisis?  Kiva arranges micro-loans for entrepreneurs in less developed countries, and a contribution of just $25 could help someone start a small business and change lives, for themselves and their families.
Blog Action Day 08

One Response to “Poverty”

  1. Meg Bear said

    Justin, interesting that I was just having a conversation about micro-lending yesterday. Clearly a sign that I need to take action. When we complain about our 401(k) losses in the financial crisis, we often forget just how fortunate we are and how much we need to help others. Thanks for this post.

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