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9 things about me

Posted by Jayavel Bharathi on October 23, 2008


  • My journey of life started in a temple town Chidambaram, the east-central part of the Tamil Nadustate of south-eastern India. Being born in a lower middle class family as a second Boy, I had in my childhood, swim against and enthusiasms.  I was fond of being in grounds rather inside the classroom resulting, to show off myself as an average student (really not) at class.   I hardly ever tried to get top ranks until my zoology teacher could bring me out myself in (it was then 10+2).  I am the first post-graduate and IT professional in my whole family tree.
  • I had to work hard to earn and study during my school and college days. By then I was known as newspaper boy and I also owned a business of lending library.  In my life journey, it’s also a wonderful time to pass by wherein I learned many things like punctuality, honesty, sincerity, hard working.
  • Until my graduation I never had an opportunity of knowing about computer. Later completed 2 years diploma in Software Engineering at APTECH with Distinction. It’s my Turning Point !. The marketing slogan of Aptech says “WE CHANGE LIVES”, it really changed my life. Realizing my strength, I decided my career path.
  • Regarding my family life, I am gifted with caring wife and two lovely sons. I always feel that I have blessed life, no matter how many things I don’t have. I dreamed for many things and achieved lot of them (Starting from owning a house, car, wanted to be centre head of APTECH, passionate about work for Oracle corp). This experience made me to believe that if you dream and work hard towards it, you will for sure get it.
  • I am a strong believer of super power – God whom I believe to be controller of everything. But at the same time I dont believe in any superstitious acts.  I am philosophical but not a philosopher. 
  • Believe me I dont have any childhood photos. I remember taken my first photo (that too passport size) at the age of 15 for appearing 10th class exams. There was an old belief in india that taking photos will reduce the life, not sure my parents believed in it.
  • I had a very good immune system in the past. After used with sophisticated life, I think I lost that resistance power built over 20+ years. No longer I can drink tap water/ eat roadside food, cycling under hot sun/rain. Same thing goes for fitness.
  • And about my eating habits, I am fond of sea foods and hate to eat vegetables. Being very choosy  I very slowly accept foods, good in taste or in fact I don’t do.  I can rather starve , instead of eating foods i don’t like.  I love fish, prawn, crab, chicken, lamb,  and hate pork, beef.
  • I did write lot of short stories but the publishers had accepted none. Also I tried many lucky draws but again none favoured me. My favourite number is 4, and unlucky number is 8.


5 Responses to “9 things about me”

  1. Ariel Ceballos said

    Very interesting! so many things I did not know about you! It amazes me that we were born on very distant parts of the planet, had such different childhoods and still came to be the same (or with so much in common at least).

  2. Vivian Wong said

    Welcome to Talented Apps – Jayavel! Interesting post indeed and thank you so much for sharing. I’ve always known you as an honest, hard working, punctual and thoughtful colleague (and that you also refuse to try tofu) but I had no idea about your desire to publish short stories (amongst other fascinating “things” about you). The beauty with blogs is that you are your own publisher – I look forward to reading more! 🙂

  3. Meg Bear said

    I am also first in my family tree to graduate from University (although my mother and sister followed shortly after me). Bummer about the lack of baby photos. I do not have many of me (but I do have some) so I’m very keen to take a lot for my girls. Thus the Facebook spam on a regular basis. Welcome to TalentedApps Jayavel.

  4. Jayavel, This is a great story which I loved to read. Thanks for sharing it. It is amazing how we can come from many continents, many conditions and upbringings and yet, today, work together every week, every day, …and make it work as if this was how it has always been.

  5. Christine Yokoi said

    I see, both from your post & from working with you, that you have a very positive attitude. The part about wanting to starve rather than eat foods that you don’t like I find very funny! 😀

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