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It’s A Party

Posted by Marcie Van Houten on November 14, 2008

crockpotI’m all for a good party.  That’s the extrovert coming out in me.  So once there were over 10 contributors to TalentedApps, I decided I had to get to the party and quick.  The next thing I had to figure out then was what to blog about that would remotely be related to Talent.  Well, I’m not yet convinced I’ll get there, but keep reading to see if I can pull it off. 

I’ve decided to blog about something that’s got me totally hooked right now… my crockpot.  It all started when I ran across this blog by a gal who’s feeding her family via a new crockpot recipe every day of the year 2008 and blogging about it.  So, you guessed it, by the end of the year, she’ll have blogged 365 crockpot recipes.  Pretty exciting stuff you say.  I agree.  Since I work from home and I have a new baby, I’m thinking that I can throw a bunch of stuff in the crockpot in the morning, work all day smelling the yummy aroma, go pick up my little guy at the end of the day and get him to bed and then sit in front of the t.v. enjoying my home-cooked meal.  I’m one day into this and I’d give myself about a B-.  I didn’t follow the recipe exactly and thus the rice got pretty mushy.  And it was done by about 2 pm so I ended up eating it for a late lunch (or as someone called it last night – dunch).  But it tasted pretty good and I’m not giving up. 

This has me thinking though.  She’s having to get pretty creative to come up with a new and I will say often times pretty innovative crockpot creation to feed her family.   As I’m thinking of ways to tie this whole crockpot thing into Talent, I have a few thoughts.  First is that crockpots have been around for a long while. You might even call them a bit old school and out of the 70s.  Possibly not too unlike HR.  And it seems that both are experiencing a revival of sorts.  For crockpots, the recipes and techniques have come a long way since chicken and cream of mushroom soup.  HR too has come a long way and it’s because every day we’re being required to think up that 1 new thing to support our customers or our business partners.

I challenge us each to think of 1 new thing each day that we can do in our own area of HR — whether you’re a practitioner, a developer of TalentedApps, a product strategist, or a consultant.  When we look back at the prior year(s), it’s amazing to me how far we’ve taken this already.  And there’s still so many new ideas to come.  How exciting is that.  I just love HR!  

I’m committed to coming back and giving you more of my TalentedApps insight.  And while you may only give me a B- on this post, every so often I’ll hit a home run and that’s what it’s all about.

6 Responses to “It’s A Party”

  1. You get an “A”, Marcie, and it’s not because I’m buttering you up so you’ll keep posting!

    Your post is right on track for being eclectic, entertaining, and informative (how’s that for correctitude?) Seriously, though, it seems you’re onto something. It’s a good challenge and a good way to keep things from getting boring, which I think everybody is interested in.

    Welcome aboard and thanks for joining!

  2. Meg Bear said

    woo hoo!! Marcie has joined the party, now the fun will begin. I personally have taken to calling the meal “Linner” and we have it often in our household, mostly on the weekends.

  3. Kathi Chenoweth said

    Oh yay! I love the posts that are only barely related to the topic of Talent! 🙂

    This could be your party game. Yell out a word or phrase and make the other person give a talk that somehow relates that word/phrase back to talent. Sort of like charades for HR-geeks.

  4. Meg…congrats to all the great accomplishments with the blog. Oracle should be proud!

  5. Amy Wilson said

    Welcome Marcie!

    I’m looking forward to a “Top 5 Strategic Crockpots” post in our not too distant future. It seems you’ve already established your metrics (time of completion, quality of product, and creativity in design). Now it’s just a matter of trial and experimentation.

    Good stuff!

  6. Marcie Van Houten said

    I love it when you show up to a party and everyone yells your name… MARCIE! Thanks for all the welcomes. And Jason, I should have added analysts/coe folks to the challenge too.

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