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8 things about Alex

Posted by Alex Drexel on November 25, 2008

1)      I studied in the UK as an undergraduate

2)      I’ve climbed a glacier

3)      I fished for piranha in the Amazon – a great eating fish; a white meat, light and flakey; be careful when taking the hook out!

4)     I like to watch C-SPAN

5)     I lived in Australia

6)     I’d rather watch paint dry than to sit through a Keanu Reeves movie  

7)     Up until the early part of high school, I thought Jimmy Hendrix was singing “Excuse me while I kiss this guy”

‘8)    I’ve been to a Star Trek convention. Just once. A long time ago. Not in costume.


This is NOT a picture of me!

One Response to “8 things about Alex”

  1. Meg Bear said

    Hendrix would have been smart to consider your lyrics instead.

    I can’t tell you how frightening I find the Trekkie photo, I’m 100% sure you are going to add to our demographic with that one. My husband for one. I have also hiked a glacier but only in a very lame-tourist way that involved no skill or danger.

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