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Down and out on Wall Street … how can HR benefit?

Posted by Amy Wilson on November 26, 2008

I was hoping that Ann’s lovely post would provide me with Thanksgiving inspiration today, but no, it was Jessica’s exploiting the current economy post that sparked my creativity. So, here goes:

As Jessica points out, there are a lot of smart, talented people that are or will be out of work soon. True, it would be nice to hook them up to your critical jobs and all that. But how about acting selfishly for once? Why not bring them into HR?

Let’s consider the talent profile of a newly out-of-work Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae, WaMu, (insert bank name here) employee:

  • Ambitious, results-oriented
  • Good with numbers and managing to metrics
  • MBA and/or terrific business acumen
  • And, if they’re gen y, may even “want to make a difference”

Sound familiar? This is a close match to the success profile HR needs to turn the corner. Get analytical, business-oriented people into HR. Tie Talent to Finance. Get respect from the business.

Prepare your job req today and brace yourself for the invention of sub-prime talent lending.

2 Responses to “Down and out on Wall Street … how can HR benefit?”

  1. Meg Bear said

    rock on Amy! Mark was on to something when he wanted to securitize the workforce.

  2. Amy Wilson said

    Oh yes – Gordon Gekko as your Chief Talent Officer?

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