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Reese’s and Enterprise Social Networks

Posted by Mark Bennett on December 19, 2008

2196169411_f22baf89b0_mContinuing the food analogy of the “Web 2.0 Oat Bran” post (it’s the holiday season), let’s say we’re all agreed that better integration of social networks with enterprise applications is a good thing. In that post, the assumption was that the enterprise application would incorporate the social network information. But is that the only way to look at it? Does it make sense to flip it around and have enterprise application functionality within the social network? This would be akin to having an Amazon Facebook App instead of an Amazon site with access to the social network. The oft-used “Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup” analogy comes to mind:

Person A: “You got peanut butter on my chocolate!”
Person B: “You got chocolate in my peanut butter!”

In other words, the combination of social networks and enterprise software is good, but which of the two ingredients is the container and which is being contained? In the case of Reeses, they choose chocolate as the container ingredient for very practical reasons. With software, though, we aren’t so limited. Perhaps it depends on the perspective of the user and what they are trying to do that drives whether it’s an app that has social network information or a social network that contains apps. Does it matter much which way it is, as long as it serves the purpose? Does the purpose vary depending on the user’s way of doing work and/or the task they are trying to accomplish? Should both approaches be available then?

2 Responses to “Reese’s and Enterprise Social Networks”

  1. Pete Ryan said

    I didn’t get past the picture…. since I returned to Blighty from living in the US, one thing (amongst many) that I do miss is Reese’s! mmmmm

  2. Hey Mark, you’ve managed to post about my favorite cereal and now my favorite candy. I guess I’m on the all-social diet? (If you need an idea for a future post, blueberries are my favorite fruit).

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