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The February Leadership Development Carnival is Up

Posted by Mark Bennett on February 9, 2009

526649344_c9ae29c94aDan McCarthy’s Great Leadership blog has February’s Leadership Development Carnival up! It includes our Amy’s post: Obama: a Level 5 Leader?


Dan’s Leadership Development Carnival is a monthly feature where top postings are brought together, consolidating diverse, high-quality thinking about Leadership topics into a concise format to help readers in wrestling with Leadership challenges. Be sure to check out the carnival!

2 Responses to “The February Leadership Development Carnival is Up”

  1. Mark –
    Thanks for the mention!

  2. Tom S. said

    In terms of Leadership Development I found some useful pieces of information in the whitepaper by Med Yones, the Finance Expert who has explained leadership and organizations dysfunctions. I agree with his statement saying “leadership formulates the company’s business strategy and builds its resources”. For additional information click on

    Click to access executiveeeducationleadership.pdf

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