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Hallelujah! Learning takes an upturn in a downturn

Posted by Louise Barnfield on February 25, 2009

At last, they’ve seen the light!

Too often talent management, and in particular learning and development, has taken a backseat during financial downturns. Too many companies have shortsightedly used cutbacks in those areas as a quick economic fix, only to deal with the consequences later, when overtaken by more farsighted competitors who were ready to respond as soon as the economy picked up.

However, there’s evidence of a different approach this time.

From TM Magazine comes a press release from Chief Learning Officer announcing their annual 2009 Business Intelligence Industry Report, which indicates increased support from C-level execs, 83 per cent of whom “said they believe the learning organization will play a significant role in the response to the economic situation“.

Let’s hope the survey results are current enough to reflect this positive attitude accurately.

2 Responses to “Hallelujah! Learning takes an upturn in a downturn”

  1. Meg Bear said

    I think this was also supported by the Obama budget outline from yesterday, suggesting that education was necessary to make our country competitive. I hope to hear more of those kinds of discussions going on as we move toward global economic recovery. Thanks for pointing this trend out Louise, this does give me hope.

    • Louise Barnfield said

      Good point, Meg, good to see support from the US CEO! 🙂
      I also just read Learning and development in a down economy by Catherine Lombardozzi, which identifies 4 focal pillars for the challenging year ahead: Alignment, Immediacy, Quality, Applicability.
      I particularly like the following, echoing my opinion: “We have to be careful to balance what will get us through next year with what will be needed in the future to help our organizations to take off again when the time is right.”…”Otherwise, our organizations may stall out when it comes time to kick into high gear.”
      I was tempted to paraphrase more, but I think the whole post is a good read.

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