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Vote for Pedro… um TalentedApps

Posted by Meg Bear on March 12, 2009


First we must say a huge thank you to all our friends, family, pets, random people in the hallway, those logged into their computers who walked away for a second, who voted for TalentedApps in the March Madness Tournament.

I’m sure the fact that I’m dreaming about visits from elections commissioners, is in no way suggesting that we’re going Chicago old school in our get out the vote campaign.

Round 2 was a very close competition with the Cheezhead, a wildly popular blog covering the Recruiting space.

Round 1 was against our good friend Mark at InflexionPoint.

Frankly, we’ve had a hard time with the idea of competing against bloggers we like and respect so much. Not enough to not find humor in this image of course, but hard nonetheless.

Round 3 takes our Cinderella story to entirely new territory. We are competing against our much-respected competitor in the Talent space: Taleo. While we respect their vision and their leadership in the space, (and even their Cirque du Soleil performance at HR Technology conference) we have to respectfully suggest that TalentedApps is a superior blog.

It’s in the name people. “Talented Apps” — we’re not just about “Performance and Talent Management” — we’re the whole application too.

So with this in mind, we are once again, asking for your vote in round three.   To vote for us click this link and scroll down to the bottom to the orange Quibblo voting box.

We’re pulling out all the stops here. Mark is working on his dance moves. Please don’t make him use them!

One Response to “Vote for Pedro… um TalentedApps”

  1. Amy Wilson said

    Gosh Mark … those are some AWESOME moves – will you teach me?

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