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The Labor Day Leadership Development Carnival is Up!

Posted by Mark Bennett on September 6, 2009

686393233_19cd8733b8_mDan McCarthy has posted the new Leadership Development Carnival. You will find he’s done a fantastic job highlighting 20 posts in particular, including our own Meg Bear’s post about the need to find better and more effective ways to recognize people vs. putting so much pressure on the promotion process. With each of these 20 posts, Dan has written a little about the writer as well as the post, which can help you in deciding whether it’s for you.

There are also 14 other posts included, each with a short description. This is a great opportunity for you to effectively spend your time on Leadership Development topics as well as find out about new blogs you might never had heard about.

Go check out the carnival!

photo by SimonWhitaker

One Response to “The Labor Day Leadership Development Carnival is Up!”

  1. Mark –
    Thanks for the mention and for the contribution from the team!

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