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2 Years of Meg’s “BUTTs, ANDs, and ORs”

Posted by Amy Wilson on November 12, 2009

butt cakeTwo years ago today, Meg published her first post launching both TalentedApps and her wacky self into the blogosphere.  Since then, Meg has written a whopping 124 posts, outpacing her goal of 1 post a week (by 20, for those of you keeping score at home).  Through these posts, Meg has challenged us all to think differently, to think bigger, and to take more risks – all in an effort to improve ourselves and the workplace around us.

In honor of Meg’s achievement, we have collected our favorite Meg blogging moments.  We encourage you to vote on your favorites or add some to the list!

1. Meg isn’t afraid to share her unique strengths and personality quirks with us. We’ve learned much about her including her hard-wired desire to get moving.

2. Meg brings out her inner (or is it outer?) “used car salesman” skills to garner votes and launch us into the top FOT competition spot.

3. Meg shares successes and misses.  It takes guts and we learn much from both.

4. Meg went full bore into the world of Social Media.  In this frank twitter auto-biography, Meg explains the whys and hows of getting sucked into the social media obsession.

5. Meg has a knack for putting things into perspective; here, she rants on what users really want versus what buyers are getting for them.  She is also tops at finding a good use for an adorable baby picture.

6. My personal favorite:  Meg pulls suck-age gems from her husband’s peripheral HR experience to teach us all some lessons on the limitations of software.

7. And finally, the crowd pleaser.  Once you get past Meg’s wacky sense of humor, you realize, “wow” she’s got some real substance here.  Substance in her mind … not her butt, people.

What’s your favorite?  Do share!

10 Responses to “2 Years of Meg’s “BUTTs, ANDs, and ORs””

  1. Meg Bear said

    I am uniquely blessed. For the blog, for the community and for the reality that I am probably one of a handful of people who have had the privilege of a butt cake in her honor.

    Hard to imagine it getting any better (and yet I know it will).

    Thanks guys!

  2. Well done Meg, you succeeded where my blog failed, you got a huge number of your team blogging too – one day I must sit down with you and figure out how I can do that too.

    • Meg Bear said

      Just tell me who you want to blog with you and I’ll help. It’s just about nagging. Nagging is a core competency for me so I just keep at it until people realize they’d prefer to blog than listen to me. I’m very subtle, doing things like sending articles saying “you should blog about this, it’s a subject you care about”… 😉

  3. She even got ME blogging. OK, it wasn’t a hard sell, she said, ‘You should blog,’ and I said, ‘OK.’ But it was that little push I needed that no one else bothered to give me. Yay Meg and happy butt cake.

    • Meg Bear said

      @workingGirl You have over achieved for sure. I’m still laughing about your blogs, esp. the one about getting Ralf to apologize for being late to pick up the kids. I so wish I could write like that. I typically get smirks but not belly laughs. Might need to make that my next set of goals.

  4. I like them ALL. I have to admit to being a bit of a Meg Bear blog lurker. I read them (ok…occassionally) but never comment! Meg…you actually are a motivator to me too! I really do try to blog more, but I get so heads down in data analysis and it’s really hard to move from numbers to words. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! Hmmm…maybe I should blog about that.

    • Meg Bear said

      @Lexy – great idea. Blogging about stuff that is hard works. People like to know they are not alone, or maybe that’s just me…

  5. KD said

    No question for me – Meg’s sales skills (and access to large company email distribution lists) in winning the FOT thing will go down in history as one of the greatest runs ever…

    Congrads Meg – been great reading and learning from you over the past two years!


  6. I blogged about your butt cake: http://ls-workgirl.blogspot.com/2009/12/business-is-about-community.html

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