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Posted by Meg Bear on November 23, 2009

Got this in the old email while I was on vacation (of course this is an abbreviated copy and the pretty red/bold is my creative license)

TEDActive 2010 Approval – Meg Bear
Dear Meg Bear,

I am pleased to tell you that your TEDActive 2010 Membership request has been approved. This includes the conference being held in Palm Springs, California from February 9-13, 2010.

Thank you so much for being part of TED. We are delighted you will be joining us in Palm Springs.

Very best wishes,

– Chris

Chris Anderson Curator TED “Ideas Worth Spreading” http://www.ted.com <http://www.ted.com>

I’d like to take a quick moment to express my thanks and give a little We did it cheer.  To everyone who helped, supported, tolerated or just didn’t laugh.

Thanks so much!

Of course, you can expect the full report on the event after it’s over.

9 Responses to “w00t!”

  1. Christine said

    Yay – congrats, Meg!

  2. That is wonderful news, Meg. Congratulations!

  3. way to go girl!

  4. Vivian Wong said

    You so deserve it Meg – CONGRATULATIONS! Look forward to hearing about your experience at Palm Springs. You “might” need to adjust your expectations at the TED conference though… I suspect there won’t be a “special” cake in your honor ;).

  5. Awesome! I knew they’d pick you. You should get a rock cake this time because you rock!

  6. Melissa said

    Congratulations! What an exciting opportunity 🙂

  7. Karla said

    Excellent! That is so exciting! I can’t wait to hear about the conference:).

  8. Meg Bear said

    @Christine, @Mark, @Vivian, @Niall, @WorkingGirl @Melissa @Karla Thank you all. Your support and confidence is very encouraging!

  9. […] TedActive (read: Meg generously offered to take me with her after busting her butt to apply and get accepted).  Then, she dared me to submit a TedYou talk (read: Meg inspired me to show some balls and come […]

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