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Speaking at Ted??!!

Posted by Amy Wilson on January 26, 2010

OK, here’s how it happened:

Somehow, Meg suckered me into going to TedActive (read: Meg generously offered to take me with her after busting her butt to apply and get accepted).  Then, she dared me to submit a TedYou talk (read: Meg inspired me to show some balls and come up with a submission).  I canvassed my set of personal stories and settled on my favorite love story (read: my husband is the funniest thing I have going for me).

So, now I need to figure out how to give a 5 minute talk (in the desert) that engages, surprises, entertains, and most importantly convinces people to talk to me and Meg throughout the rest of the conference.  I am re-reading “How to get your point across in 30 seconds or less” to help with the process, but I’m thinking I need something that’s more story-telling oriented and less *pointy*.  Any suggestions?

Thanks for the help!

9 Responses to “Speaking at Ted??!!”

  1. Bill Kutik said

    Add sex to your story, Amy. And don’t blush.

  2. Amy Wilson said

    I don’t think that’s possible, Bill, considering I’m already blushing …

  3. Wow — how cool is that? I’m sure if you just apply your sense of humor to the topic of software development or strategy, you’ll be fine. And, then toss in how your love impacts your work….and don’t blush.

    PS: My husband and I listen to Ted talks just about every day. Can’t wait to hear you and tell him I know you!

  4. Rich said

    Wow! That’s awesome Amy. Can’t wait to see the TED vid!

  5. Vivian Wong said

    Very nice – I am very excited for you Amy! It’s an awesome story too! My advice? Just be authentic by being YOU! You’ll do great.

    BTW – can I have your autograph now? 😉

  6. Meg Bear said

    The part Amy politely left off was how my topic was rejected (nicely!). I’m so excited and very sad I’ll actually miss Amy’s talk as my flight doesn’t arrive in time.

    As far as suggestions, I agree with the others. Be your goofy/funny/smart self Amy and you will be fantastic.


  7. Very cool – can’t wait to hear more about what you put together. I’m a huge fan of TED as well as some of your content on this blog. Really looking forward to it.
    Congrats – and good luck, Amy!

  8. Amy Wilson said

    Thanks everyone! I sure appreciate the support!

  9. […] by Meg Bear on March 4, 2010 While I didn’t get to go to the talk I did get to hear people raving to Amy about how interesting it was (and ask a lot of questions […]

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