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New blogger on the scene

Posted by Meg Bear on February 24, 2010

I’m happy to share a new blog with my TalentedApps and DFoF friends.

My girlfriend Heather has started a fashion blog (I must say this is probably more for the girls…).

As has been well reported, in my world it takes a village and Fashion is one of the first areas that I’m always looking for help.  Heather has taken her advice to the inter-tubes offering great and practical tips to others.

I love her mission

High-heel wearing California Native who solemnly swears to make it her mission to find you something to wear that will earn you a compliMINT (or four).

I, for one, am a big fan of a compliment.

So, if you are interested in broadening out your blogroll consider giving Stylishmint a look.  You never know, you might learn something new and who doesn’t love that?

2 Responses to “New blogger on the scene”

  1. I personally think that fashion is very relevant in the TM space. Generally speaking, people should dress better and in many ways, diplomatically phrased fashion guidance can be as useful to career development as career guidance. I’m speaking from personal experience, since I once had a fabulous and extremely chic French manager.

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