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Lofty goals

Posted by Meg Bear on March 5, 2010

I love my Tivo.

I think it’s the best invention of it’s decade and a close second to the remote control, as being the most useful invention of my lifetime.

I love it not so much for it’s technology, but for it’s simplicity.  The idea was so simple, all the technical pieces we readily available, and yet it changed the way we watch television forever.

Tivo changed my relationship with television, and in doing that,  it changed my expectations of television.  If it’s true that television has more to do with our generational divide than date of birth, we should expect that we haven’t seen the real result of the impact of Tivo yet.  That’s pretty cool for such a small company.

When I think about what I want for our own industry, I really want the same thing.  I want to change the way we think about systems and business.

I want to change how we look at people in business.

I want to bring the human back to human resources while also making business work better.

I want to realize the statement Laurie said about me.  I want to make work better.

The landscape of business is becoming more complex every day.  Social norms, expectations and markets are all changing.  Rapidly.

Global isn’t an idea, it’s a business imperative for big companies.  Companies are having to make bigger decisions with less insight since management by walking around is a lot harder when you have to walk across an ocean.

We need a new relationship between systems and business and I for one, think that it’s about time.  It all starts with lofty goals in my world.

3 Responses to “Lofty goals”

  1. I agree that there is huge untapped value in changing the way we look at people in business. And you’re right; it does require changing the way we look at: the people themselves, the business itself, and the systems within the business and its environment. Fortunately, more and more bright minds are applying their thinking to this. We have to keep pushing and it’s a great help to have inspiring, lofty goals to keep our eyes on the prize. Thanks, Meg!

    I really appreciate my Tivo as well, but I have to say I’ve been waiting a long time for a weekly schedule view + some kind of notification of conflicts that occur *after* I created a series recording. With the way programs keep moving time slots, you run the risk of a conflict occurring later and your program not getting recorded. Either notify me or show me in the ToDo list that there’s a conflict.

  2. […] Bennett writes about television, Tivo, business, and HR’s role in Lofty Goals with TalentedApps.  They have a wealth of knowledge from their expert […]

  3. […] I believe making work better is a valuable goal. […]

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