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Another great Shelter Network story

Posted by Meg Bear on May 14, 2010

I got this great story in email and received permission to post it.    I have a very soft spot in my heart for hard working nine year old girls.  TalentedApps would like to congratulate Ashley on her well deserved new bike.



Here at Shelter Network, we are witness to men, women and children persevering to overcome adversity on a daily basis. And we are regularly inspired by their successes – large and small. One of the recent successes involved Ashley, an extraordinary nine-year-old girl living at our family shelter in Redwood City. We thought you would enjoy the story..

As you can imagine, it’s not easy to maintain a good grade point average in school, win first prize in a design contest and remain positive and hopeful when your world is falling apart. But that’s just what Ashley has done.

Ashley’s family was living in East Palo Alto when her mom, a victim of domestic violence, lost her job and eventually the family’s home. Turning to Shelter Network, Ashley, her mother and brother were able to move temporarily into our Redwood Family House facility, where Ashley absolutely thrived.

An all A and B student in school, Ashley participates in Shelter Network’s Children’s Program, through which she receives weekly counseling sessions with her brother, attends Homework Club four days per week, and receives tutoring from a Shelter Network volunteer.

Ashley’s engaging personality helps her get along well with the other children in the program and she is always ready to jump into almost any activity. In fact, she recently completed a poster for Volunteer Appreciation Month. Another of Ashley’s favorite pastimes is the Children’s Reading Club, where she and the other kids select a book to read, summarize and trade in for prizes. Ashley has already read four books over the past few weeks.

And if these activities weren’t enough to keep her busy, Ashley recently entered the 2010 Census poster contest and won first prize – a brand new bike!

With her ever-positive view to the future, Ashley looks forward to playing soccer and mastering the piano.

Ashley’s spirit is an inspiration to all of us. She may be homeless for a short time, but with her can-do attitude and the assistance of Shelter Network’s services for children and their families, Ashley never has been and never will be hopeless.

Below is a picture of Ashley on her new bike and with her winning poster.

Your support continues to make a difference. Thank you!

One Response to “Another great Shelter Network story”

  1. Louise Barnfield said

    Oh, thanks for posting, Meg! What a wonderfully heart-warming and inspiring story. This is also a healthy reminder that, for all the bad news that the media publish of youth today, there are those youngsters out there who, despite all their adversities, are already playing their part to make this world a better place.

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