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Hear Gretchen Alarcon on the Bill Kutik Radio Show ®

Posted by Mark Bennett on October 14, 2010





Make sure to take a moment to hear Gretchen and Bill talk about Fusion HCM in the context of four important and timely topics in the Enterprise HCM space. It is definitely worth your time to hear what’s being asked in this unedited and unrehearsed conversation.

As expected, Bill pulls no punches, but Gretchen holds her own and the volley back and forth is both enjoyable to listen to as well as informative and thought-provoking. This is right on the heals of their well-attended (almost 400 people) interview and Gretchen’s demo of Fusion HCM at HR Technology 2010 ®, but this talk covers entirely new ground.

In the first segment, Bill basically pitches the same question to Gretchen that he posed to Jim Holincheck and Jason Averbook at the Great HCM Debate at HR Technology 2010 ®. That is, what is Strategic HCM and what are the challenges facing companies in realizing its benefits?

Next, Bill asks Gretchen another big question on everyone’s mind these days and a source of great controversy and opinion-bait. That is, what is the future of HR service delivery and in particular, where and how does SaaS fit into it?

After that, Bill takes a hard position about what’s the real deal on workforce analytics and planning and what will it take to address the challenges for adoption?

Finally, Bill refers back to his article from September about the integration of social software by vendors into their applications and asks if it marks a new era in enterprise software.

What were Gretchen’s responses? Well, they were great (and practical and actionable), but you’ll want to hear for yourself, so check out the talk!

Photos from the Bill Kutik Radio Show ®

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