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Real successes are invisible

Posted by Anders Northeved on October 15, 2010

Does your TV have colors? Of course.
But is it a “color TV”? – No, it’s just a TV. Today it is not even a flat panel TV, it’s just a TV.

What does this tells us?
If a product or feature becomes really successful it is taken for granted. No one talks about it, and if you didn’t know better you would think it had disappeared.
But our TV is flat and colorful, our toaster has a timer and the temperature in the living room is constant – without anybody mentioning it.

Some of us have been working with e-learning for a long time.
We always knew it worked, but it was still encouraging back then to hear the CEO of Cisco say that “e-learning would become more important than the Internet”.
Today no one talks about e-learning anymore. Does this means that e-learning has failed?
No, it means that e-learning has become so common that we don’t mention it anymore – we take it for granted.

 In her blog Karen O’Leonard (Bersin) gives some figures on the use of e-learning.
In 2009 33% of all training was taken on-line.
Let me just repeat this: 1 in 3 hours of corporate training was e-learning in 2009!

 Is this then as big as the Internet? – no, but if you had told people 10 years ago that 33% of corporate training hours would be e-learning in 2009, they would have thought you were crazy – or working in the industry 🙂

 So where is e-learning headed now?
Due to the cost effective nature and flexibility of the concept I’m sure we are heading towards at least 50% of all corporate training being done online.

 Everybody is talking about how social media can enhance training and learning.
I will explore this – and why gaming will never be a major factor in learning – in a couple of upcoming postings.

One Response to “Real successes are invisible”

  1. Meg Bear said

    Anders welcome to TalentedApps – what a delight it is to be talking about learning. You just made my day.


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