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Your job is to make your boss look good

Posted by Meg Bear on January 29, 2011

I’ve always believed that my job was to make my boss look good (but not to make his/her life easy 😉 ).

h/t to Patty for making it top of mind this week.

My team must believe this as well, as they are always all over this.  In my job there are an enormous amount of metrics to hit.  You can imagine, doing a large and ambitious project makes scorecards important.

Being a data company of tech geeks, makes metrics a bit promiscuous.

My team is so outstanding that I must confess, I rarely check my metrics.  I know they are great because my team is great and they will tell me if there is an issue I should know about.

Making my boss look good is a bit more complex than meeting metrics.  For him, that’s table stakes.  What makes my boss look good is delivering a set of products that make people take notice.  Products that deliver measurable business value. Products that inspire, amaze and highlight the unique value of his organization.

and so, this is what my peers and I do — we focus on getting it right and making it happen.

Some days this lofty goal seems completely out of reach — some days we surprise ourselves with our own success.

and then there are days when you achieve a grand slam —  an opportunity to make not just your boss but his boss and his boss look good.  Those days are great days. Those are the days you are reminded that it was worth the fight.

Those are the days that will pay off in much bigger ways than looking good yourself.

I wish you all the joy that comes from making someone important to you look good.

It rocks!

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