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Embrace the feedback

Posted by Meg Bear on April 25, 2011

I’m always fascinated with the way that HR labels things.    Whether it is a chart, a report, a box on the “9box” or a rating model, it doesn’t take long to notice a trend.

There are very few “bad” labels in an HR report.  This is a group that really cares about your self esteem.

They don’t want to label you as an underachiever or bad at your job,– nope — you are misaligned talent.

I’m all about job fit, but part of job fit is getting real with yourself about where you are good and where you are not.

What about those parts of the job that are less about skill and more about hard work?

Where is the affordance for feedback about the fact that you might be skilled, but you might also be lazy or having an attitude problem that is bringing down the whole group?

In the end, I think the hesitation to say anything specific and constructive impacts the reputation of the whole function.  I would like to encourage HR leaders to jump into the feedback topic with a more honest approach.  Spare me the euphemisms and help my leaders have those tough conversations.

Give them words.

I’m fine that you make sure that they are not hurtful, but don’t wash out the meaning in that process.  Feedback is tough and it is tricky but to get results, it must be understood.

5 Responses to “Embrace the feedback”

  1. Harold amruthkumar said

    Liked your editorial. Will follow ur blog. Hope all is well.

    Stay in touch Meg.

    Kind Regards


  2. One must be convinced that they are not lazy or have any attitude problem in order to be a good fit in job.

  3. Anders Northeved said


    I agree with you on this.
    You point to the HR community, but isn’t this really a general issue that is not only found in HR?
    The good thing is though that people have now started to discuss this – whether you agree with the tiger mom or not…

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