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This is our fourth birthday!

Posted by Mark Bennett on November 12, 2011

Yes, it’s been four years since Mark, Meg, and Amy started this blog. The last year has seen the biggest changes in contributors – several of our longtime members started on new adventures and their writings will be missed dearly. That loss has been ameliorated by having several new and brilliant members added. All-in-all this change is a good thing. It keeps new ideas coming through here while sticking with our mission, which is to inform and discuss issues around Talent Management in a hopefully entertaining and engaging way.

I think we’ve succeeded. Having new members contribute is one of the best ways to bring in new perspectives that come with a whole different set of experiences and educational backgrounds. We are so lucky to have people on the team ready to jump in and bring their valuable thinking into this blog!

We’ve had a very busy and exciting year with Fusion and we’ve continued to nurture and build relationships with the HR, Talent, and Social communities. It’s been very gratifying to be able to talk about our products and get feedback and insight in return. As always, our thanks go out to our readership, friends, colleagues, and family for their support. We look forward to the upcoming years working together on our mission.

Photo by: cygnus921

4 Responses to “This is our fourth birthday!”

  1. Fantastic! Congratulations to the entire team!

  2. Well done to all.
    I’ve always enjoyed this blog, so keep it coming..

  3. Sri Subramanian said

    Yes, congratulations! So glad to be part of this.

  4. Congratulations!

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