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When growth becomes a problem …

Posted by Sri Subramanian (@whosissri) on November 29, 2011

Often, whether we address scaling issues or not depends on: What is the cost of addressing it? How soon do we expect to hit the problem? What is the cost we will pay for not solving it now? Is that a cost we can afford better?

I remember, at an early stage start up, my manager dismissing a product performance flaw. “If we get a million hits a day, it will be a really good problem”. Sometimes, it is best to wait for something to become a problem.

Where we usually mess up is when we do address the scale problem. Product teams often only think of it as a product issue. Solving for a million hits is not just a product issue. It is a value delivery issue. It is about scaling support, scaling operations, scaling communication, scaling processes, scaling metrics. It is changing the way things work.

Are we thinking of our growth problems holistically?

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