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Are you well equipped to combat discrimination at workplace?

Posted by Anadi Upadhyaya on February 19, 2012

Many employers claim to be an equal opportunity employer and theoretically no one supports discrimination, but there are still lots of reported cases of discrimination. A press release from EEOC reports that private sector bias charges hit all-time high in fiscal year 2011.

Do you have a well established system to combat discrimination at workplace?

Agree that we have come a long way, but not far enough.

You need to respect, protect and accomplish the right of equality and non-discrimination at workplace. Some tips to combat discrimination are:

  • Publicize your commitment for non discrimination.
  • Adopt effective measures through training, promotion and regular adherence check.
  • Awareness raising measures should target all the employees without any exception.
  • Have a system in place which can alert you for potential discrimination cases in a timely manner. Mine the data to expose the hidden facts.
  • Keep an ear out for “noise”. Provide a platform to report the incident or for seeking help.

Fairness in treating people without prejudice is not optional, every discrimination incident may not result in a lawsuit but it surely results in a broken employee engagement.

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