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The art of appreciation at workplace

Posted by Anadi Upadhyaya on March 11, 2012

Achievers believe in pushing the boundaries, setting the stretched goals and delivering the sustainable results. If you have these achievers in your team, they must be making you shine, but don’t forget to appreciate them in a meaningful way to keep their spirits alive.

You need to practice effective communication to convey the appreciation message without any ambiguity. Just saying that you appreciate their efforts is not enough till you show same by your actions too.

Appreciation can be anything which matches the degree of achievement, e.g. an award, a formal email, a certificate, a bonus, or a promotion. Don’t forget to taste your own pill before you give it to workforce. You can predict their reaction by placing yourself in their shoes and it will help you to choose the correct form of appreciation too.

Appreciation should be on time, every time. If you have a system, which forces achievers to pass through a queue before receiving any appreciation, you need to make sure that people don’t get stuck in that queue.

It’s human nature to expect an appreciation. And as a leader, it is your job to make sure that you know and practice the art of appreciation. An appreciation, which comes late or lacks in the value, is as good as no-appreciation.


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