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What is your differentiation?

Posted by Sri Subramanian (@whosissri) on July 12, 2012

We are a bit like products. Our services are bought, in various form factors (consultant, contractor, entrepreneur, …), and there are various distribution channels (network, recruiters, social, referrals, …). Just like products, we each have a market, and some differentiation that makes us uniquely valuable.

I have worked with  enterprise software, appliances, and SaaS products. I have worked in tiny startups, behemoth companies, and everywhere in between. I have moved functional departments more than once. I have lived and worked abroad.

I like to do different things, because it forces me to see things through a different lens. I feel that I get the three dimensional view that I cannot, otherwise.

I start with no perceived advantage. Yet, I always add more value than initially seems possible.

I am often hired for some past experience. I have succeeded,  not due to that experience, but due to my ability to bring a different lens to the task. My differentiation is that I the first thing I see below is not rectangles, but circles. Sixteen, to be precise.

What is your differentiation?

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