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The Delicate Etiquette of Unfriending

Posted by Justin Field on February 20, 2009

So, pop quiz: what’s the one notification that Facebook doesn’t send? Yes, it’s the action of unfriending that is never accompanied by an email to your new un-friend.

I was intrigued by this. I guess we are living in a brave new world, where we all have heaps of online friends, some of the near and dear, and some of them high school friends that one hardly recognises (esp. the women who have married and taken on new names).

The Sydney Morning Herald had a nice story about unfriending. I wondered if being unfriended on Facebook by an acquaintance is really that bad. It’s hard to keep up with the deluge of emails, status updates, blogs, tweets and such that now come streaming in all day (and all night) long. Perhaps I’m a Quality Guy (rather than a Quantity Guy.)

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