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8 things about Hitesh

Posted by Hitesh Shah on November 7, 2008



1.      It’s more than a decade since I moved to US. I am originally from Gujarat, India – Land of Gandhi. For some reason I am very proud of the fact that I was born in the same state as Gandhi, not that I had any say in my birth or a birthplace.


2.      Only thing I remember doing in my childhood days is playing cricket, eating food and hanging out with friends.


3.      Mom has been the biggest inspiration and wife has been the biggest supporter and fan.


4.      I was forced to run a family business for few months at age of 18 when my parents were away due to family emergency. Two key things I realized while running the business are 1) location matters and 2) help is only a phone call away.


5.      Education was always a center piece while growing up. No wonder why I ended up with two masters’ degree, one in Computer Science and another one in Business Administration, not counting certifications such as Financial Risk Manager (www.garp.org), Professional Risk Manager (www.prmia.org), International Certificate in Banking Risk and Regulation (www.garp.org/certifications), Project Management Professional (www.pmi.org), Oracle Certified Database Administrator, Oracle Certified Application Developer and few more…


6.      New York City has been special to me. Worked in Brooklyn for couple of years, met my beautiful wife and got married in the city before moving to bay area. It’s been eight years since we moved from New York but even today we express our interest of moving back to the city even though we know NYC is not a best place to raise a family.


7.      I lost a friend, mentor and x-manager Stephen James Lauria on 9/11 in the World Trade Center. I still remember those fun filled crazy days, working 12-15 hours, eating pizza for lunch and dinner and an occasional long walk on a Brooklyn bridge. Fortunately, I still have his pictures and signed recommendation letters.


8.      I have learned a lot from some good and some typical managers over my professional career. Lately, I have an opportunity to work with great management team that pushed me out of my comfort zone and make me do things that normally I would not do and I am really grateful for that.

2 Responses to “8 things about Hitesh”

  1. Christine Yokoi said

    Interesting, Hitesh. I too have a love of NYC although I never lived in the city, just went there all the time growing up. I think it’s a special place.
    You took on a big responsibility at 18 (can’t imagine doing that). What kind of business was it?

  2. Meg Bear said

    Three cheers for getting outside of our comfort zone. You and Amy should talk about that, I hear she’s getting good at that rope jumping and soon will be hitting random passers by so watch out 😉

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