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Posted by Namita Panigrahi on December 3, 2008


Recently over a weekend, my laptop got virus infected. Frustrated me, filed a bug. Someone closed the bug asking me to file a different kind of ticket instead. It was very frustrating already. Since it was urgent, I decided to just go to the IT group directly to try my luck.

Then there, I found this gentleman buried within a bunch of laptops, hard drives, cables etc., busy doing his work. He immediately agreed to look at my laptop and asked me to come back later.

Thank God!! By noon next day, I got my laptop and things were all fine. I thanked him and came back. Later I realized, some of my data and my saved emails in local copy were gone. I surely needed those. Upon reaching him for help, he again started working on fixing the issues and spent hours to get it resolved. He went out of his way and helped me get everything restored and configured properly.

It’s always a pleasure to see such committed and considerate people around.

I am thinking what keeps him so motivated and committed for his job? It could be that he is passionate about the type of his work that he does everyday or his work culture or his personality or the perks he gets or the encouragements from his manager or the feeling that he has helped someone !

I don’t know what it is, but I surely sent a note to him and his manager expressing my gratitude for all his help. He surely deserves that !

3 Responses to “Motivation”

  1. Meg Bear said

    spot on Namita, a culture of thanks is exactly what we are all about. I bet that individual has never had a blog written about him before. Good service is something to recognize whenever we see it (as all to frequently these days we find it missing).

    Welcome to TalentedApps.

  2. Louise Barnfield said

    Absolutely agree!
    Namita, you suggest several good reasons for his commitment but, whatever the initial motivation to do a good job or go out of one’s way to help another, the resulting gratitude confirms the effort was worthwhile and appreciated – which can’t help but feed the motivation. I’ll bet he’ll be just that little bit more ready to help you, Namita, and others in future, because you took the time to acknowledge his efforts in writing.

    …and isn’t it interesting that it’s often those who are the most busy, who are prepared to put in the extra time to help! 🙂

  3. […] evidently a helpful predictor of future achievements, it does not negate the need for commitment, motivation, and […]

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