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Bad news bears. Or other unlikely misfits.

Posted by Mark Bennett on March 23, 2009

bnbearsA very big Thank You to the people who voted for us in the FOT Talent Management Blog Power Rankings March Madness tourney. We’re honored just to have been selected along with the other top quality blogs. They are all working in their own way to help companies, hard-working people, and those caught up in this economic crisis see it through.

The TalentedApps team reaffirms our mission to help create change by improving the awareness and knowledge of our community in an entertaining and informative way. We are grateful to FOT for giving us a chance to join with the Talent blogging community to better achieve our united goals of improved engagement, productivity, innovation, and business results.

6 Responses to “Bad news bears. Or other unlikely misfits.”

  1. Pete Ryan said

    Wow… congratulations to you all !!!

  2. Congratulation Mark, Meg, and everyone else. Fantastic and deserved win!

  3. Pete and Steve, Thank you very much! It’s great to be recognized this way.

  4. […] reluctant bloggers who felt forced to join, to those related to me who felt obligated to read [and vote for] them, to those who contributed to the […]

  5. […] to again be a part of the Fistful of Talent Power Rankings and this time we didn’t have to beg everyone to vote for us […]

  6. […] of you who remember our Cinderella story of yore, will know that we are especially excited that we didn’t have to beg friends and […]

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