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The secret code of a charismatic leader

Posted by Vivian Wong on June 10, 2009


Did you ever work for a leader and thought s/he was more powerful and credible because s/he was charismatic?

So what is charisma anyway? How do you become “charismatic”?

According to research, “Those who were charismatic were simply more animated than others. They smiled more, spoke faster, pronounced words more clearly, and moved their heads and bodies more often. They were also more likely to touch others during greetings. What we call charisma can better be understood as human expressiveness”.  (The leadership Challenge – Kouzes James M and Barry Z Posner)

There you have it!

2 Responses to “The secret code of a charismatic leader”

  1. Meg Bear said

    so simple yet so core don’t you think?

  2. […] to congratulate myself on this publicly, to give others a chance to consider if they might be perceived better by trying to smile […]

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