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The Carnival of HR for July is here!

Posted by Mark Bennett on July 9, 2009

EffortlessHR has posted the Carnival of HR for July, with 20 informative posts from a wide variety of excellent blogs.

This provides you a great opportunity to first, focus your time on what the bloggers have themselves thought were good posts to read and second, sample blogs that you did not know about before.

Our own blog is represented by this post on being careful to not unwittingly alienate those participants in your enterprise social network who might not use it to as high a degree as others.

Photo by joiseyshowaa

One Response to “The Carnival of HR for July is here!”

  1. […] of HR Coming Up I am delighted to host the next Carnival of HR on August 5. Please point out interesting posts which can be featured in this carnival. To give you […]

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