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Do you reward your Talent Developers?

Posted by Amy Wilson on July 20, 2009

Talent Developer: a leader who develops and shares talent for the good of the organization as opposed to hoarding talent (and under-developing them as a result).

Talent Developers are talented people that produce the most important results a leader can bring to an organization – more people that produce results. They work hard at maximizing people’s careers by tailoring experiences, providing guidance, and opening doors and opportunities to gain broader insight into the organization.

Because of the benefits they bring to their staff, people follow Talent Developers. They follow them from job to job and company to company. The Talent Developers continue to get great results and the talent that follows them are pleased with their career progression. It is hard to let go of someone who does so much for you.

And here is where the Talent Developer Dichotomy kicks in. You see, a true Talent Developer has to share talent, not keep it. As good as the results are, they will be multiplied by sharing and “cross-pollinating” effective people.

An organization must play a strong role in ensuring a) Talent Developers can operate most effectively, b) other leaders strive to become Talent Developers, and c) talented people seek out opportunities with many leaders.

The behavior of both developing talent and letting go of talent needs to be rewarded for this to work. Most organizations don’t even reward talent development let alone talent sharing, so there is a long way to go. That said, many organizations are working on it and here are some of the practices they are experimenting with:

  • Tracking and identification of leaders that promote mobility of their strongest people
  • Public recognition for promoting/transferring top people
  • A percentage of bonus that is reserved for talent development results
  • Mentoring programs that provide consistency and incentive to top performers as they move through the organization

Does your organization do any of these things? Is it making a difference?

Are you incented to be a Talent Developer in your organization?

picture source: thetvaddict.com

6 Responses to “Do you reward your Talent Developers?”

  1. So true! Well said. And great picture.

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  4. Louise Barnfield said

    Hey Amy, you’ll be pleased to know that Avis Budget Group recognize the benefits of sharing not hiding talent. Check
    out the August edition of TM if you haven’t already. Interesting interview with Gina Bruzzichesi, VP Human Resources.

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