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…and we’re back! Top 25 FOT/HRCapitalist Blogs.

Posted by Mark Bennett on May 21, 2010

So after being absent from the list last quarter, we’re back on the Fistful of Talent Top 25 Blogs! We’re happy and humbled to be recognized and we appreciate the work our friends at Fistful of Talent have done to calculate and assemble these rankings.

Make sure to check out the rankings as you will likely find a blog you didn’t know about before, and now you have a recommendation that it has “…data/news/opinion/reflections with substance to improve the life of an average Talent Management Manager/Director/VP…”!

We’re really happy to be seen as a valuable source in that regard – that’s our mission. It also apparently helps that we don’t put lots of political humor or language in our posts 😉

Thank you again to Jessica Lee and the rest of the judges!

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