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My Fantasy Football conversations are talent reviews

Posted by Amy Wilson on November 12, 2010

They're everywhere! They really are!

When we traveled through Europe with our 18 month old, we saw playgrounds everywhere.  We had been to Europe on previous occasions and, I have to say, I never noticed a playground before.  Ever.  But, suddenly they were there.  Everywhere.

Talent Reviews are like that for me now.  I see them everywhere.  At the office, of course.  But at home too.  Well, maybe not *home* per se, but a particular thing we do at home.

Yes, my (now) 4 year-old and I are obsessed with our Fantasy Football team.  Each week, we have multiple conversations about our line-up.  We review our pool of talent, both internal – already on our roster – and external – free agents available for pick-up.  We consider the data available to us (past performance, this week’s match-up, problematic injuries) and determine who we think will be most successful in their role and who, ultimately, will make us most successful.

Similar to a talent review, we have a long range view.  We might determine that a player is not likely to succeed in this week’s match-up, but has potential to take the spot in an upcoming week.  Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot we can do to develop the bench players – other than to yell loudly at the television, which I’m told is very effective.  I wouldn’t recommend that at the office, though.

As the weeks have progressed, we’ve identified more, differentiating attributes to consider – such as whether the kicker is playing in a dome.  This key attribute was something we discovered as we discussed the conditions that led to higher and lower-performing kickers.  This wasn’t something that was initially available in our analysis, but is now a key part of our talent review discussion.  Talent reviews grow like that, just like the people who participate in them.

One Response to “My Fantasy Football conversations are talent reviews”

  1. Meg Bear said

    Your son is ready to run a business at 4, where does he go from there? I can’t wait to find out.

    – Meg

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