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The Cat Ate My Blog

Posted by Kathi Chenoweth on October 5, 2011

It has been a seriously long time since I blogged.  I was thinking it was two years but then I checked and it’s even worse than that.  I’ve actually been feeling guilty about it for probably two years….and Meg’s nudges never seem to work either.

So first, I was just super busy.  Fair enough, right?

Then, I was “regular-busy”, no excuse.  But the stuff I was working on was ….um…how do I say it….super frustrating.  You know, TPS reports and stuff like that.  Nothing I wanted to blog about unless I wanted to rant which, wouldn’t reflect well on anyone. I hope I am not bursting your bubble.  Did you think that we are all happy faces and sunshine over here all the time?  If so you are talking to too many people from product strategy. You’d actually be surprised at how many TPS reports go into making the awesome software that we make…just ask the product managers.

Right, so, even when I wanted to blog, I was basically too crabby to do it.

Meg tried to throw some nuggets out.  I would ignore them and then feel guilty.  And here is the interesting part (I should try to put the interesting parts closer to the beginning…and I should probably try to have more of them).  Anyway – back when I was blogging, I made it a “goal” to blog.  So I did it.  I am really all about crossing things off the list.  But then it slipped off my goals, for lack of me or anyone else really caring.  So I stopped doing it.  I guess this could be a blog about “make it a goal and it will get done” but that’s too obvious.

Now, once a year has passed and you stop blogging, it’s hard to start again.  This is pretty much like exercising, however, I actually do exercise 5-6 days a week and have done so for that past ten years.  I track it on a spreadsheet.  I hate when one of my boxes on my spreadsheet is empty. I sometimes cheat by putting things like “walking around on vacation” in the box and calling it exercising.  But if I ever had more than two empty boxes in a row, I fear it would be too easy to just stop exercising forever, so I make sure I don’t have two empty boxes.  Unless I’m sick – then I get to put a little Excel-comment in the box explaining my illness.  So you can see how once I had so many days-without-blogging in a row that it just trailed into forever.

The point of this blog is just to START again.

As a side note I’m now slightly annoyed at having to relearn how to insert this really cute picture of my cat that I want to use. I also had a minor freak out moment when I saved a draft and did a preview and what I saw on the screen made it look like the thing had posted to the blog.  I actually went to my other laptop to convince myself it hadn’t really posted.  See, if I would do this more regularly I would be better at it.  This has taken me about an hour to write and that’s just wrong for a blog.  I need to be faster so it’s less painful and I can do it more often.

And now….I’m going to go make a spreadsheet to track my blogging.

4 Responses to “The Cat Ate My Blog”

  1. Mark said

    Welcome back, Kathi! We missed you (and the kitty, too).

  2. Nice! I’ve been meaning to ask someone about those TPS reports.

  3. Did you get the memo about the cover sheet? I could send it again if you missed it.

    Looking forward to reading your next post!

  4. Meg Bear said

    How is it possible I didn’t comment on this blog post? I read it and commented *about* it. Geez I’m easily confused on my tasks. Is there a time frame on that spreadsheet so I can more align my injections of guilt?

    I’ve missed your blogs Kathi – glad to have you back.


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