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Do we know why our employees come to work?

Posted by Sri Subramanian (@whosissri) on November 5, 2011

Why do some people view work as a joy, and others as a chore?

Why do non-profits have volunteers, and for-profits don’t?

Why do some businesses pay more or less than others?

Why do some people defend their workplace, and others make fun of theirs?

Hiring an employee is like entering a partnership. The partnership is stronger when we share in each other’s desired outcome. Do we know why our employees come to work?

2 Responses to “Do we know why our employees come to work?”

  1. Valid questions! Work definitely becomes a chore rather than a joy when employees aren’t culturally fit into the workplace. When team members can meld together successfully everything becomes easier and much more productive and enjoyable – so developing a cultural model that can evolve with your particular organization is key in promoting and maintaining overall employee happiness. Focusing on these things can improve retention, and avoid the high costs of employee turnover (which can range between 1/2 to 4 times an employee’s annual wages and benefits). 80% of employee turnover is directly attributed to mistakes made during the hiring process; these errors can easily be solved by ensuring potential candidates’ fit into your company’s culture.I think a generalized solution to these questions is simply a company-wide sense of belonging, personal success and importance. If employees feel that they are at home and have significance in their job, happiness and productivity will inevitably follow.

    • Meg Bear said

      Elise — this was a first for me — I edited your comment. We are excited to have you join our conversation but we do not allow direct promotion of any products here. As a vendor ourselves we are confident everyone benefits by keeping to this policy. Thanks for your understanding!


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