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Take Five

Posted by Mark Bennett on November 13, 2012

Take Five, by the Dave Brubeck Quartet, is one of those instantly recognizable songs, due in part to its unusual 5/4 time signature. That makes it sound unlike just about every other song you’ve heard. You appreciate its unique qualities, even if at first it might even make you feel funny. Just watch people try to keep time with this song (or any other song off the terrific “Time Out” album.)

Now, just because Brubeck was experimenting, it didn’t mean he threw out all the rules or principles of music. He was just saying, “What if we tried this? What does that do to the rest of what we know about music?” He was always exploring to keep learning.

So it is with talent in the enterprise and what we try to do here at TalentedApps when talking about talent. We try to make it interesting and worth your time to read our posts by introducing new ideas, either of our own devising, or that we’ve found in our search for ways that companies and employees can both gain value from understanding how talent impacts business performance.

We’ve just hit the five year point and we appreciate the continued support of our readers, friends, colleagues, and families. We look forward to the upcoming years working together on our mission to inform and discuss issues around Talent Management in an entertaining and engaging way.

Album cover courtesy of Wikipedia.

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