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TalentedApps Turns Two!

Posted by Mark Bennett on November 12, 2009

blogphoto8It’s been two years today since Meg, Mark, and Amy began this blog. While the first year was about us finding our voice and building up our readership, this second year has been a bit more about us drilling deeper into the areas that we see as key in organizations achieving strategic impact from their talent.

This second year also found us building relationships with the rest of the HR, Talent, and Enterprise blogging community. That has been personally rewarding for each of us as well as a terrific way to help get our thinking to a broader audience. We are honored to be part of such an incredibly gifted group of contributors committed to the improvement of this craft.

Our mission continues to be to help create change by improving the awareness and knowledge of our community, in an entertaining and informative way, of how to better achieve your goals through talent. Our thanks go out to our readership, friends, colleagues, and family for their support. We look forward to the upcoming years working together on this mission.

Graphic by Vivian Wong

11 Responses to “TalentedApps Turns Two!”

  1. Great body of work, everyone! Congratulations. And the graphic totally rules.

  2. Congrats to Mark, Meg, Amy and everyone else at Talented Apps. You have built a great resource for the community. Best wishes for continued success.

  3. Meg Bear said

    Thanks for the anniversary post Mark. Some how I feel like a Virginia Slims advertisement (in a good way).



  4. […] TalentedApps Turns Two! […]

  5. Mark, Meg, Amy, Vivian, and crew –
    Congratulations! You rock. I’ve enjoyed exchanging views with each of you here and at Great Leadership. Keep up the awesome work!

  6. Best wishes and congrats on two years. I’d say you are certainly achieving your mission. I look forward to many more exciting and informative posts from the Talented Apps team!

  7. Congrats!!

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