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The Mardi Gras Carnival of HR is up!

Posted by Mark Bennett on February 20, 2010

Michael Krupa over at InfoBox has posted the Mardi Gras edition of the Carnival of HR. He’s gathered a collection of over 30 posts from around the blogosphere. They cover a wide range of topics, so Michael has kindly organized them by theme and provided a brief description with each so that you can better decide if it’s of interest to you.

Some of the standout posts include:

Go check out the carnival! It’s a great way to get a sample of the best and you might discover a blog you weren’t aware of before.

One Response to “The Mardi Gras Carnival of HR is up!”

  1. Just a note to also thank Steve Boese whose idea it was (or at least his was the first instance I saw) to spotlight a few noteworthy posts for the benefit of those short on time (or attention span.)

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